About Craig Murguia

I believe every person deserves to experience a high-quality life despite our challenges.

When I was 18 years old, I experienced a motorcycle accident that resulted in significant, full-body injury including the loss of my arm. As a high-performing high school athlete at the time and a young person starting to think about my career, recovery for me was not only physical but included discovering my professional purpose.

I moved to Fort Collins from Iowa in 1999 and spent the first portion of my professional life in real estate and property management. While I enjoyed success and stayed busy, I was continually finding myself reflecting on how I could truly reach and connect with people through my professional work. Finally, in 2015, I put the pieces together realizing my own personal journey and my passion for fitness and sports was something unique I could offer others.

I am an ACE certified personal trainer, an ACE certified health coach, and hold an ACE specialty in orthopedic exercise. I realize that everyone’s fitness journey is highly unique and personal. I get excited about helping people who are looking for personalized support in a non-intimidating environment.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, experiencing obesity, or have a physical disability or mobility impairment that requires specialized attention, starting new fitness goals can feel overwhelming and sometimes unsurmountable. I have created my business around my values of challenge, support, and simply knowing what it’s like to struggle to achieve health and fitness goals. I will work to make your health and fitness goals feel achievable and want to have fun doing it.