Personalized Training

My clients see results by following a simple, personalized step-by-step process:

Initial Assessment
Together, we’ll determine your starting point on day one with a fitness assessment and a discussion about your background, past successes and failures, and goals. This conversation will determine the type of personalized program we start that is based on your needs and the types of activities you’ll enjoy doing and from which your body will benefit.

Personalized Workouts
I take time to create workouts that meet your unique needs whether that includes rehabilitation work, boot camp style classes, strength training, and more. Your workouts are created just for you and your current abilities and goals. We’ll also cater to any injuries you may have, mobility challenges, and any other intimidations or barriers you’re dealing with.

Workout Plans
We’ll meet regularly, and you’ll also receive personalized workout plans for the days we don’t so you can create a routine and maintain the momentum.

Follow-up Assessment
I consistently re-evaluate your fitness levels and modify your program and workouts as necessary. Hitting plateaus is frustrating and we work to avoid them as much as possible so you see consistent, ongoing improvements.

My clients see results. I feel success when you do; it’s as simple as that.