“Craig is a fantastic trainer he challenges me and puts together incredible workouts. I have met my goals with his help. I can’t imagine ever finding a trainer that puts that much time and effort into each individual work out. I am pushed every time I go to him just when I think I can’t do it some how the motivation and strength is there.” — Colleen, 48

“Craig has a perfect understanding of the physical challenges I deal with in my life. He has been both motivating and an inspiration.” — Caitlin, 27

“When I first started training with Craig I had this “I can’t do this attitude.” He would ask me “You can’t or you won’t?” He started with the basics with me since I was so out shape and a mess, after my precious hip injury and surgery. I would roll my eyes at him when he would say “We have to start with your core, strengthen it and build from there.” A few months later, I am lifting weights I never thought would be possible. My attitude now is “I will and I can” thanks to his knowledge and guidance.” — Tamera, 55